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This blog is written by a bipolar sufferer to help and encourage other sufferers. I believe life, even with bipolar disorder, can and should be celebrated and enjoyed.  In simple terms “Life should be ducky.”

I have suffered from Bipolar 1 disorder most of my life.  During my struggles with this illness I have developed five truths about bipolar disorder:

  1. Bipolar as an illness is as individual as the people that suffer from it.
  2. A proper diagnosis and proper medication only stabilize’s our minds.
  3. Therapy is essential to change our thinking and challenge our belief systems to find reality.
  4. It is only by developing a strong connection with our authentic selves can we overcome our mental anguish and emotional turmoil.
  5. We, as bipolar sufferers, can be useful and productive members of society.

I pray these five truths and the weekly messages help you find some hope that this illness we share can be managed in a way to give you an enjoyable life.  I hope my messages offer ideas to help you develop an action plan that keeps you living in the fifth truth of being a useful and productive member of society. To live the life you want action is required.

A new blog is posted every Wednesday.



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