Continued from Dec 29/15

The underlying problem was what I was thinking (believing may happen “if”) and feeling. I needed to change how I thought and felt about situations. I also needed to come up with a way to find, or develop, a permanent system that would allow me to quickly conquer stress in new situations. This is what I came up with and then I found a better one.
Medication, tips and tricks are external solutions for the external symptom of stress to an internal problem. What made me think that stress was just a symptom? I could calm down with the meds and use the tips and tricks in time in any given situation. Then a new situation or demand would be forced on me and I would be stressed all over again even with the meds and the other things I could do. I needed to find a solution to the internal problem. I realized long ago that my only problem was “Me” and how I viewed the world. This realization allowed me to change a number of negative behaviors. Even with that realization, I was unable to cope with stress until I found a way to apply that knowledge.
To find a way to apply the knowledge I resorted to problem-solving 101. I got a pen and paper and wrote out the issue, then the issues (plural). I wrote about what was stressing me out. I wrote about how I felt and fear always seemed to top the list. I wrote what I was thinking and then wrote out different ways of thinking about the issue that caused my stress level to go down. This worked and it worked well, but someone always builds a better mousetrap. As I said earlier I am all about better ways to cope with BP and eliminating stress from our lives makes coping with BP so much easier.

Andrew Bernstein wrote a wonderful book called the “Myth of Stress”. Which explains conquering stress better than I ever could hope to and I love to sing his praises. He has a Google talk that can be found on YouTube that is also pretty good. What he has done for all of humanity is create a form that is free for the taking @


This worksheet is still problem-solving 101,  writing with a pen on paper. The work is the same but you do not have to think about the questions to ask yourself, they are already there.

Please enjoy the attached article by Betterhelp.com on stress.

Happy New Year everyone. Keep to the path, the hard one. The easy one does not go anywhere. See you in 2016.