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Month: February 2016

You are not your mind

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In the grips of Bi-Polar 1, I had the attention span of a gnat, no wisdom, and my perceived wants, needs and emotions ruled my existence. When I was manic I felt I could fly and when I was down I felt I was glued to the floor. In between I just felt a lot, but had no direction for those feelings and no gauge to tell me if they were accurate or not. This was due to this simple fact, that two of the things that make me a living breathing being, my mind and my body, had quit communicating with the part that had made me human, my spirit. It was when I received my diagnosis and started on my medications that I was able to start the work to repair these communication lines.

If your mind instantly rejects this argument that is OK. I am not here to change your beliefs. You can stop reading now or you can read on and see my argument as to why the soul is the captain of our attention span, is the repository of wisdom and brings our wants and needs in line with reality.

Count Leo Tolstoy, in his book “What I Believe,” set out five principal requirements for earthly happiness that no can deny.  Although some have become antiquated in language the principals still hold true. The first is a connection to nature, this may explain why gardening has become the number one hobby for BP suffers. The second is free, congenial labor, preferably physical. There again we point to gardening. The third is family life, in our illness we push away and destroy family but deep down we long for this. Free, friendly communication with all men. The reason we can tell our illness is back in control is that we isolate and have no interest to communicate with anyone. When we are stable and learn a bit of trust we find this to be one of the greatest joys. The fifth is health, we crave mental and physical health. In reaching some stability we soon realize how our illness has affected our minds and bodies they need to be healed. But we are surprised that these principals affect one area more than any other, the human soul. Even in our most broken state when put in a spot of natural beauty we stop and marvel at the feeling it sparks inside us. We feel peace and a connection with our soul

We need to heal and strengthen our souls as our soul is the “being” in  a human being not our minds.

Keep to the path, the hard one. The easy one does not go anywhere.

365daysofbipolar is one year old




On February 20th it has been one year, 365 days, since I started this blog. It is my fervent prayer that I have encouraged someone with my writings thus far and hope to encourage many more in the future.  2015 was a growth year in knowledge, both technical and spiritual. I want thank all those that have followed me and encouraged me this past year.

Rather than talking about a topic on Bi-Polar today I want to talk about my plans for 365daysofbipolar and the site name 365daysofbipolar.com.  Recently someone asked me where the name 365daysofbipolar came from.  Actually they said. “Where did the idea for the name 365daysofbipolar came from, it seems silly?”  A year and bit ago I started a project to write a daily meditation book for Bi-Polar sufferers (it takes a long time to write a book) and I came up with 365daysofbipolar as the tittle. From that point I started to use 365daysofbipolar as a brand name in my crusade to encourage other BP sufferer’s on to the path of mental wellness through experience, strength and hope.

365daysofbipolar.com, the blog, has been joined by 365daysofbiplar@gmail.com to enable better communication. I plan to make this site better and more interactive as my technical skill increases and my BP resources grow.  I am hoping the book of meditations entitled 365daysofbipolar will be published this fall. I have also had some people express interest in my doing a YouTube channel after my short foray into alternative radio.  I am looking in to this and if this becomes a reality, the 365daysofbipolar YouTube channel will be launched as well. I will post more announcements on these projects on Facebook.

One of the greatest challenges of this last year has been finding my voice and putting forth my authentic self. To be true to myself I want to state clearly what I believe:

I believe that, as Dr. Dwayne Dyer says, “We are spirits having a human experience.”

“Bi-Polar is a rupture of communication between the human spirit and the human mind.  Medication stabilizes our mind allowing us to heal that rupture and strengthen our spirit to be mentally well.”

In 2016 and onward there will be a lot of information on how to heal and strengthen the spirit presented. The main focus 365daysofbipolar will always remain to encourage others on to, and continue on, the path of mental wellness.

Keep to the path, the hard one. The easy one does not go anywhere.