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Hi, I am Jason; I have suffered from Bipolar 1 disorder most of my life.   I am not a doctor and cannot comment on medications. Medication has a purpose and is necessary.  I am not a therapist and cannot comment on the therapeutic side of this illness. Again, all I can say is that therapy is necessary for battling this illness. I believe life, even with bipolar disorder, can and should be celebrated and enjoyed.  In simple terms, “Life should be ducky.” During my struggles with this illness and talking to a lot of fellow bipolar sufferers, I have developed what I call my bipolar truths:

  1. Bipolar as an illness is as individual as the people that suffer from it. Bipolar disorder does not affect each of us the same way. Yes, there are similarities, or our health professionals could not diagnose us. We must each find the tools, skills, and coping mechanisms that work just for us.
  2. A proper diagnosis gives us hope. That hope that maybe this can be fixed.
  3. Adequate medication only stabilizes our minds and moods. Medication alone will not fix us.
  4. That therapy has two purposes. 1. To challenge your thinking and false beliefs to bring you into reality.  2. To help you find and heal the trauma you suffered to cause the bipolar rupture in the first place.
  5. Only by developing a strong connection with our authentic selves can we overcome our mental anguish and emotional turmoil.
  6. We, as bipolar sufferers, can be useful and productive members of society. is a site dedicated to helping you learn to become connected with your authentic self through personal development.

What is connecting with your authentic self?

We all have to find our own best way of living. None of us do this precisely alike. By connecting with your authentic self, the best life for you becomes intuitive. You no longer have to think about what is best for you.

By connecting with your authentic self, you will:

  1. Know yourself, your needs, your values.
  2. Know how to protect yourself, both mentally and emotionally.
  3. Know how to love yourself.

I write these weekly messages to encourage you that this illness we share can be managed and give you an enjoyable life.  I hope my notes offer ideas to help you develop an action plan that keeps you living in the fifth truth of being a useful and productive member of society.

Every week look for:

A new blog is posted every Wednesday at 6:00 A.M. CST.

A new YouTube video every Thursday at 6:00 A.M. CST.

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