Although this blog is dedicated to helping others by sharing information on bipolar disorder, my passion is writing.


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Things happened in young Tommy’s life in such a way that he had to go to live with his Grandpa Steve. Although they had never met, Tommy had heard things about Grandpa Steve all his short life that scared him. To his surprise, Tommy found that the love of Jesus had transformed Grandpa Steve, giving Grandpa Steve a new heart and new spirit (Ezk. 36:26) and Tommy learned that the love of Jesus could transform him too.

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My Latest Children’s Story:

Della & The Dandelion

Della, the sheep, loved dandelions but, not to eat, even if dandelions are tasty to sheep. Della thought dandelions were the prettiest flowers in the world. One dandelion was all that ever grew in Della’s pasture because every year when the dandelion was ready to release its seeds, the west wind blew. Every year the west wind blew all the seeds into the neighbor’s pasture where Della could not go. Then Della came up with a plan to stop the west wind from blowing the seeds of her one dandelion to the neighbor’s pasture. This is the story of how Della outsmarted the West Wind.