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This Week’s Video: The Three Components Needed To Successfully Deal With Bipolar Disorder That Gives You That “Ducky” Life.

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International Overdose Awareness Day, The Epidemic Within the Pandemic.

Overdoses are called the epidemic within the pandemic. It is an epidemic, the deaths, and suspected deaths, from overdose went from 177 in 2019 to 337 in my province of just over a million residents. Currently 2021 is on track to surpass that, with 221 deaths recoded up to mid August 2021.

Developing Better Habits With Bipolar Disorder.

Although no one seems to have studied this aspect of habit forming and bipolar disorder I wish someone would. What I offer is purely anecdotal, based on my own experience and the shared experiences of other bipolar sufferers. What I have found, and others have shared with me is that:
To ingrain a new habit into the mind and actions of a bipolar sufferer can take from ninety to one hundred and fifty days of conscious effort.