Meditation And Bipolar Disorder

Meditation And Bipolar Disorder – The Benefits of Meditation.

The biggest lesson I have learned is it is through meditation that we grow the wings by which we can fly to our better life.

Meditation And Bipolar Disorder – Themed Meditations and Affirmations, Part Two.

Learning to use themed meditation and affirmations along with proper treatment and management of my bipolar disorder has changed my life little by little. In this post I am going to share a couple of areas where either themed meditations or affirmations changed my life for the better.

Meditation and Bipolar Disorder – The Types of Meditation, Part One.

I began this series to discuss why meditation is recommended as a bipolar management tool, yet there was little information on how to meditate. Knowing that meditation was recommended for bipolar management, I signed up for a meditation course. That encounter with meditation was excruciating, a pain that is hard to describe but that I will never forget, which led me on a journey to find out why meditation could be physically painful. The other goal was to find a type of meditation that would work for me. In the last post, I explained why some types of meditation could be painful to the bipolar mind. This week I am going to discuss the various types of meditation.