Inflammation And Bipolar Disorder.

Last fall I was given four garden fresh tomatoes, over the next two days I consumed them as BLT’s. What happened next is the reason for this post.

My tracking system includes my moods, which have remained fairly flat and boring, except my bout with winter depression. I track my sleep, again pretty flat and boring, exercise, or the lack thereof, and what I eat. By tracking what I eat, I began to detect those subtle things that can not be described as mood swings. Things like brain fog and memory difficulties. Brain fog and memory problems seemed to be showing up when I ate certain foods.

The Correlation Between Inflammation And Bipolar Disorder.

Eating those tomatoes caused swelling in my extremities, severe brain fog, and memory problems, which lead me to study the correlation between inflammation and bipolar disorder.

Since 2006 the connection between inflation and bipolar disorder has been scientifically studied. In the conclusion of a recently published study in “The Psychiatrist,” the authors stated: “Inflammation appears relevant to bipolar disorder across several important domains. Further research is warranted to parse the reciprocal associations between inflammation and symptoms, comorbidities, and treatments in bipolar disorder.”.

Although more research has to be done, there is enough evidence that inflammation plays a role in how our bipolar disorder affects us. Inflammation exacerbates our symptoms like mana and depression, irritability, brain fog, memory issues, handling stress, and gastrointestinal issues like leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers. 

Foods That Cause Inflammation.

Not only did I study the correlation between inflammation and bipolar disorder, I modified my eating habits to remove inflammatory foods.

Deep fired foods

Processed Foods

Processed meats

Refined Sugars

Acidic foods

Foods That Fight Inflammation.

And I introduced foods that fight inflammation.


Olive oil

Fatty fish like salmon

Leafy greens


On some of the lists of anti-inflammatory foods, tomatoes are at the top. Yet, for me, they cause inflammation. Proving each of us is affected by foods in different ways, That is why tracking what and when you eat and how the foods you eat affect you is just as important as tracking your moods.

Modifying your eating habits to be healthier and eliminating foods that cause inflammation and adding foods that fight inflammation can improve your life and reduce your bipolar symptoms.

I No Longer Use The Word, “Diet.”

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word “diet” means, “the food that people, animals, and communities habitually eat.” Or “a special course of food that one restricts themselves to.”

The first definition contains the word habitually, I have written extensively on how we habitually do many things including eating. To have a great life and lessen how our bipolar disorder affects our lives we need to modify our habits. I have replaced the word “diet” with “modify your eating habits.” Because that is what we need to do, modify our eating habits. Just as we have to modify most of the habits, we have that fed our bipolar disorder.

Please let me know in the comments of your experience with bipolar disorder and if you found this information helpful to you. Please like and share this post.

As we conclude this week’s blog post, always remember our battle with bipolar disorder is with and in our minds. Our struggle is with our illness, not with other people, places, situations, or other external things. Our goal is to develop the self-discipline to take control of our emotions, minds, and lives. 

The great inspirational speaker, Jim Rohn, said:” Work harder on yourself than anything else.” 

I say,” Work hard on yourself, and everything else falls into place like magic.”

Keep to the path, the hard one. The easy one does not go anywhere. 

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